GTEX has a worldwide network of suppliers covering all business sectors.

Not only does this allow us to rapidly find the right item for your needs, but also to negotiate advantageous conditions for you.

Making the right purchases is a major lever for your business and its profitability. 

Working with a faulty supplier can have serious consequences for your profitability and sometimes even your reputation. With GTEX, you can rest assured that you will get the right product at the right price and delivered on time. This allows you to focus on your business all while benefiting from a guaranteed supply through a single point of contact.

The ultimate goal is to increase the competitiveness and speed of your supplies.

We identify the right supplier and get the best conditions for you.

To ensure that your order arrives on time and in the best conditions, we make sure to include the certificates of origin and if necessary to have the shipment validated by inspection companies such as Veritas or SGS. The objective is to reduce costs, ensure qualitative services and adapt to a constantly changing environment.

Our expertise allows us to act as a true partner and to develop high added value solutions for you, managed by a single point of contact.

Advice and guidance tailored to your business.

The constant commitment of our staff enables us to offer high value-added services to all our customers. This in addition to providing high-performance products needed to operate our customers’ sites.The core to our commitments is our culture of service, which is expressed as “solution provider”.

Our specialists are the driving force behind our company, enabling GTEX to offer innovative solutions for long-lasting partnerships. Through close relationships with our customers and suppliers, but also thanks to our flexible and professional teams, we meet the specific needs of our customers using a sustainable development approach.

Our solutions

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