Global solutions for purchasing, supply and logistics.

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Solutions to increase your competitiveness, reduce costs, and ensure fast and secure shipments.

Initiating a new international collaboration often means facing the mistrust of suppliers. It takes time to build mutual trust and consolidate favorable conditions.

For more than 15 years we have been developing long-lasting relationships with key players in almost every sector, all over the world.

When you call on GTEX, you benefit from an expertise and a network that will give you immediate access to the products you need, with the highest quality and delivery guarantees.


Established for more than 15 years

120 countries

All over the world


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A global solution

Earning and maintaining the respect of our suppliers around the world enables us to provide you with opportunities and a quality of service that makes a difference.

With more than 15 years of experience mainly towards African destinations, the GTEX teams strive to offer you the same quality of services to the rest of the world (Eastern Europe, Asia, Middle East, South America).

We are committed to a long-term trusting relationship in our commercial and human resources policies, with our clients and consultants. The prime goal is to build a lasting relationship. We are continuously looking for solutions to guarantee high level performances.

Thomas Gendera
Managing Director