vehiculesGTEX is your partner for your needs in new or used 4x4 vehicles, tractors and agricultural machinery, tailored to your business, your requirements of mobility and efficiency, cost control and image. The whole team of GTEX puts its experience at your service to provide the vehicle of your choice anywhere in the world.

To pursue this goal, we have put in place processes and resources that help you to have more choices, more transparency and more proximity.

  • More choices, as we offer multiple brands of commercial vehicles, light vehicles, cars, trucks, trailers and semitrailers.
  • More transparency, as all the vehicles are checked: this expertise ensures a transparent description of the vehicle condition.
  • More proximity, as the density of our network, spread across five continents, gives us the opportunity to find vehicles and spare parts that fit your business.

Thanks to our partners we always have a stock of vehicles, enabling us to meet your needs as soon as possible.

As a professional, if you would like a list of vehicles in stock, please feel free to contact us!