The group GTEX

Proof of its commitment to provide quality services in Africa, GTEX settled in Ivory Coast (Abidjan) at the beginning of 2013  by creating GTEX-CI and later, GEOTRA.

The main objectives of GTEX-CI are :

  • The strengthening of GTEX image in Africa
  • A proactive approach of the market
  • Customer proximity
  • An after-sales service
  • Technical training (as well for its own technicians and operators as for those of the customers of the group).

GEOTRA, created at the beginning of 2014, is an agricultural transport company that offers a complete solution:

  • Supply of tractors with machines operators
  • Supply of all the secondary equipments
  • Daily maintenance of our equipments by our own team of specialized technicians
  • Installation of our own workshops in specially fitted out containers
  • Accommodation of our teams in our on-site installations